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  • Is Tahoe Ski Girl clothing available in retail stores?
    We are currently exclusively available via the website but we are always interested in talking to anyone who would be interesting in adding our collection to their store.
  • I live in the Tahoe area or I am visiting. Can I pick-up my purchases?
    Tahoe Ski Girl does not have an office or a business premises, but we are based in Northstar California and if you have purchased items and would prefer to collect them, we can arrange to meet you in Northstar to hand them over. We can also arrange pick-up in Kirkwood (through a friend) but please contact us first at so we can co-ordinate. Note that if you choose to pick-up, you do not have to pay shipping costs.
  • Why do you only have limited quantities of everything?
    We prefer it that way. By choosing our designs carefully and making limited production runs of every item, your girls will have an amazing piece of fashion clothing that all their friends will covet.
  • How do I return an item?
    Check out our store policy and return policy in the footer of every page.
  • Where do you source your products?
    We aim to find products that are primarily designed and made in the USA and are as environmentally-friendly as they can be. With that in mind, our primary supplier is Bella + Canvas who design, spin, dye and hand-cut all their fabrics in the USA. The clothing is then assembled in the USA or Central America and comes with a No Sweatshop Guarantee and is Platinum W.R.A.P certified. Bella + Canvas is a green company through and through. We then screen-print our designs in the USA in facilities that produce almost zero-landfill. Finlly, we test our products on our own kids, who tell us what they like and what they don't. And we then put them through multiple wash cycles to make sure they endure the test of time. All that means you get the best product we can find, knowing that we did our best to not harm anyone or anything in the course of making cool clothing.
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