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Our Story

It all began when our five year old daughter Emerson entered a moguls competition at Northstar California.  The organizers mistakenly assumed that Emerson was a boy's name so Emerson looked fabulously out of place atop the podium with her pigtails tucked into the goggle strap of her florescent pink helmet.  She beat every boy in the competition.  

From that moment on we started calling her Tahoe Ski Girl.

Today Emerson and her older sister Senna ski with the Northstar Race team five days a week and when they're not
shredding the snow, they relax and like to look the part.  The girls searched for good quality apres-ski clothing and couldn't find anything so we decided to try making our own, handing it out as gifts to other girls on the ski team.  Soon, other kids and
their parents were asking where we got the clothes and was born.

All our clothing is made using the best quality fabrics we can find.  We only use suppliers that look after our environment and have a green footprint.  We don't use sweatshops.
Our mission as a company is to encourage girls to take up skiing while outfitting them with the coolest clothing that you will see in any ski resort.  We also work hard to support girls ski racing, including sponsoring the Northstar Alpine Race Team and a number of the women on the US Ski Team.  We financially support a number of Tahoe girls who ski in the women's FIS World Cup and we have worked with each of them to design a t-shirt of which 100% of the profits go directly to the skier to support them off-season..  

If you're interested in more information about our girls and their ski racing, we thoroughly recommend you watch
the Girl Racers documentary on YouTube, shown below.  Ski racing is an inspiring sport - just look at Mikaela Shiffrin - and there is
nothing like it to give your kids confidence and a sense of freedom.  This documentary shows you what being a ski racer entails.
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